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Our online courses have been carefully designed to promote learning in a real context, following a communicative approach and practicing everything that is learned in class. Our sessions have a well defined structure and include stimulating and effective activities to ensure a progressive learning. The results achieved are equivalent to those of our face-to-face sessions and children have as much fun as before. Let's design your child's future with e-Stars!​


The world is changing at a quickening pace and people are reshaping their lives in response to these changes. Technology is everywhere around us and traditional learning needs to be complemented with new learning modalities. We have proudly adapted our methodology to the current moment and circumstances, so children will be able to have access to high quality learning from home. 


Research studies show that children learn when exposed to stimuli and they learn best when these stimuli are adapted to their likes and interests. Therefore, in our classes we talk about relevant issues for them, which arouse their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. A proper environment filled in with rich stimuli, helps children develop and grow happily.


We have adapted our previous in-class lessons to an online format, keeping our focus on personalized and adapted lessons to each child’s pace of learning. Each session has specific contents which have been designed with a solid pedagogical base to guarantee the best outcome. Groups are assigned taking into consideration the age and level of the children, to make sure the contents dealt with fit their interests. We encourage children to communicate and interact, creating an optimal learning environment

online oR video?

Our online classes allow interaction with the teachers and the rest of the students in class. Sessions are scheduled and once a child is assigned to a group, he/she will attend class at a specific time and day of the week, connecting through an online platform. Video classes have the same contents, which have been recorded for children to enjoy the moment they choose. Each week they will have access to a lesson, to ensure their progress, and teachers will virtually address to them. 


Children can learn four different languages with us: Spanish, French, Chinese and English. Methodology and contents follow similar outlines and and all courses are delivered by experienced and devoted teachers. We are a small team of great professionals to ensure our lessons have the highest quality standards and the most effective impact in our students. Children learn to naturally express themselves in a second or third language, getting ready for a near future and open to infinite possibilities. 


Aside of our language courses, we periodically offer different workshops so that children can not only practice a language (workshops are delivered in different languages) but also to master other skills such as creativity and imagination: arts and crafts, cooking, science, etc. All workshops are online and children can enrol in advance. They are open to all children, no matter if they are attending our language courses or not. Book your place for the next one!  

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